Inspired by Bingham

Missouri artist George Caleb Bingham continues to intrigue and inspire.

Kansas City area musician Dana Mengel composed original tunes based on George Caleb Bingham paintings which were recorded with his brother Les on a CD "Inspired By Bingham."

Listen to some selections.

Buy the CD from JCHS.

The duo violin/cello captures the richness of different Bingham portraits and paintings.

Bryan Shepard, a video editor, took the Mengel music and created videos which married the music to the Bingham portraits which inspired the pieces.

  Patricia Moss

Patricia Moss

Looking for Bingham

Patricia Moss continues decades of work tracking down and authenticating Bingham painting.

She regularly writes about her work and discoveries on her website Fine Arts Investigation.

Her extensively research and writing has earned her the appellation "the Bingham Lady" from the Smithsonian Institution. Read more.

Capturing Bingham

Photo by Vicki Smith

Photographer Vicki Smith attended a JCHS living history reenactment of Order No. 11 as pictured by George Caleb Bingham in his famous painting.

Enjoy her pictures from the day.