Missouri to prepare for state bi-centennial

The Missouri General Assembly is asking the State Historical Society of Missouri to help plan and coordinate efforts to celebrate the Missouri's bi-centennial in 2021. 

The legislature approved a resolution says Missouri has a "rich and complex" history and asks the State Historical Society to "develop plans, ideas and proposals" to celebrate the bi-centennial.

The State Historical Society, in a media release, said it was honored to spearhead efforts to organize the state's bi-centennial.

Missouri was the 24th state admitted into the United States.

About the State Historical Society of Missouri

Founded in 1898 by the Missouri Press Association, the Society is the premier center for the study of Missouri state and local history.

The Society, a trustee of the state since 1899, collects, preserves, and publishes materials that enhance research and support learning opportunities in Missouri studies and the history of the Midwest at six research centers around the state, with headquarters on the University of Missouri campus.

As the premier center for Missouri studies, we are a natural fit to help plan this event 200 years in the making. We look forward to taking on this exciting project at the behest of the legislature and will devote the necessary resources to ensure there will be a grand celebration of Missouri’s rich history and heritage.
— US Judge Stephen Limbaugh Jr., State Historical Society president

Map from the State Historical Society of Missouri collection