New book recounts devasting impact of Order No. 11

A just published book shares the ordeal of Order No. 11 issued in 1863 by the federal government during the American Civil War that displaced thousand of residents in western Missouri.

Scattered to the Four Winds was researched and written by local historian Ralph Monaco II in collaboration with the Jackson County Historical Society. The 433-page book is available for order online for $20 and shipping. 

The book's publication coincides with several events marking the bicentennial of Order No. 11 which was issued by the Union Army. The general order established martial law in the Kansas City region and later was captured in the evocative mural by Missouri artist George Caleb Bingham

There is an extensive celebration of the events associated with Order No. 11.

Activities include three living history events organized by Monaco and others under the event title Blood and Ashes. Follow the exciting living history program, set in three distinctive venues, on FaceBook or learn more  on the website.

There are several other Order No. 11-related events organized by other history organizations. To learn more, download a listing of upcoming events.