Civil War on the Western Border website launches

A new website about the Civil War on the Western Border offers detailed information about the conflict along the Missouri-Kansas border.

The website was developed by the Kansas City Public Library and included the cooperation of several organizations including the Jackson County Historical Society. 

This website engages Civil War buffs, scholars, students, and local residents in research and discussion on the Missouri-Kansas Border War that shook the region from 1854 to 1865.

 The Civil War on the Western Border website includes:
  • A research library of more than 6,000 pages of digitized primary sources from 25 Missouri and Kansas archives, fully cataloged and searchable
  • Eight original contextual thematic essays, authored by some of the top scholars of the Missouri-Kansas border war
  • A growing list of encyclopedia entries that offer descriptions and analyses of significant people, places, and events (also commissioned from top scholars and their graduate students)
  • A cutting-edge relationship viewer that allows site visitors to browse the connections among those who endured the border war and left a legacy in our document collection
  • A comprehensive interactive timeline on the border war, with associated event descriptions and links
  • A comprehensive interactive border war map with location descriptions, links, and multiple thematic layers
  • Rotating “featured document blog” that highlights unique or otherwise significant documents in the collection
  • Foreword by Rick Montgomery, enterprise reporter for the Kansas City Star, describing the legacy of the border war in the Kansas City metropolitan area
  • Searchable PDF transcriptions for a majority of the digitized primary sources
  • A dynamic, high-resolution image viewer with mobile-compatible zoom and pan features for all items in the digital collection
  • Website pages that are responsive to mobile devices and variable browser settings

Visit the website.