Missouri Courthouses, Truman and Independence

Independence has a rich history centered around the courthouse and the formative neighborhood that shaped the life of Harry Truman.

David McCullough

This page shares additional information on all the topics which are covered, in part, in the special attention given to the renovated courthouse.

Historian David McCullough gave a wonderful talk in Independence, Mo. in 1993 about Truman, his community and courthouses.

It is a wonderful speech worth a close read.

Download a copy of McCullough's speech was recorded and transcribed

Truman National Historic Landmark District

After a decade-long effort, the National Park Service expanded the Truman National Historic Landmark District to include the historic courthouse and the Independence Square. This was a major expansion and the nomination form contains extensive documentation on the houses and structures located within the expanded district. It is an extensive history of the building and the individuals who have lived and worked.

Download the officials National Park Service nomination form.



Harry Truman's Independence:
Center of the World

Truman was deeply attached to Independence and considered it "the center of the world" a topic which historian Jon Taylor explores in a new book.

The book recounts Truman's life experience in the neighborhood and modern day efforts to preserve the neighborhood.

Taylor previously was a National Park Service historian at the Truman Home site and now is a professor of history at the University of Central Missouri.

Jon Taylor talked about his book and Truman at the rededication of the National Historic Landmark District in May 2013. Listen to the speech by selecting the player below.