Additional material for the Winter 2014 JCHS Journal

This section provides additional information about topics covered in the Winter 2014 Jackson County Historical Society Journal.

This is an expanded opportunity to extend the wonderful content from the print edition.

Sources and notes

This Journal includes extensively researched articles.

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Shirley Christian has an impeccably researched paper on the relationship between Harry Truman, Eddie Jacobson and the recognitions of state of Israel and provided extensive notes on sources used.

Jackson County pageant play

The play was produced Independence educator Blevins Davis.

Blevins Davis was featured in an article in the inaugural edition of Kawsmouth: A Journal of Regional History - a journal no longer being published.

Here's a copy of that article by Sharon Bagg.

Several annotated copies of the play "A Century of Progress" are in the archives of the State Historical Society of Missouri.

The actual production involved literally hundreds of actors recruited from the community. See the official program.

The history of the Jackson County Courthouse is told a recent book "Winding the Clock" written by former JCHS archivist David Jackson.

Kansas City Railroads: Heart of America Infrastructure

The Journal article is an edited version of a longer speech with Landon Rowland presented at the Kansas City Public Library as part of the Missouri Valley Sunday series on March 18, 2012 and at the William C. Corum Chapter of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution at William Jewell College on April 14, 2012.

Read the full manuscript.

Kansas City Southern Railroads has its own historical society where more information can be found.

There are also several good books about Union Station which tell the story of the historic railroad depot.

Shoe Shine Boys

Count Basie, who spent lots of his early musical career in Kansa City, wrote an instrumental "Shoe Shine 

More Troost Images

Photographer Dojesalek Mahonevitc has several more photo montages of Troost Avenue in Kansas City on his website.

He is looking for a permanent place where these images might be displayed.

If you are interested or have ideas, contact Mahonevitc at